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"As a provider of quality structural engineering, general fabrication, design, project management and contract related services to industry and a diversified client base, we are positioned to provide client specific or end-to-end engineering solutions to your precise requirements." 


Mark Legge, MD

Group News

19th June 2015


Michael Amodeo has been elected to the board of Governors of the ACIFC.



8th June 2015


Michael Amodeo has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Concrete Society Wales Region




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Quick, efficient on-site erection services, co-ordinated by experienced project managers and performed by skilled and experienced staff using high performance equipment and lifting / moving machinery. Our strength lies in planning and co-ordinating our on-site efforts precisely to maximise productivity and ensure a safe working environment. For more HSE info, click here.

Plant Erection / Installation

We utilise a range of plant machinery to gain access for assembly, handle and lift large components of the total structure. Hoisting large, ground-assembled components often provides significant time savings for the project by minimising working at height, thus alleviating the restrictions of confined work areas and small erection teams. Hayes has adopted specialist lifting methods to complement our professional services profile.

Machinery Movement

We have the experience and hardware capability to transport large machinery, building components and tanks to and from site, co-ordinating local authority approval and police escorts.


Encompassing the entire range of equipment and capabilities, we are proficient and certified in using a wide range of craneage for site based activities.

High Access

We make use of scissor lifts, cherry pickers and tele handlers on-site, particularly in assembly of components in structural applications. All operators are certified and well versed in the use of accompanying safety equipment. Regular reviews are conducted on plant and operator competence in-line with our site and HSE policies.

Materials Handling

Our portfolio of plant equipment supports on-site operations in efficiently handling various materials used in construction. We maintain our plant machinery in-house to specific maintenance schedules to ensure reliability and safe operation.