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"As a provider of quality structural engineering, general fabrication, design, project management and contract related services to industry and a diversified client base, we are positioned to provide client specific or end-to-end engineering solutions to your precise requirements." 


Mark Legge, MD

Group News

19th June 2015


Michael Amodeo has been elected to the board of Governors of the ACIFC.



8th June 2015


Michael Amodeo has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Concrete Society Wales Region




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By their very nature, engineering projects are complex to manage. Co-ordinating resources, working with time scales and fulfilling specific requirements requires experience, good organisation and effective communication. Unexpected delays, supplier issues and contract variations further increase the complexity in managing a project effectively, requiring sound decision making. You can be assured of outstanding levels of service in your dealings with Hayes, relying on our experience and ability to deliver as expected.

Estimating / Surveying

Senior estimators engaged in contract specifications and client requirements have to ensure their work is accurate and addresses specific requirements. We are qualified to tender for a wide range of projects relying on our experience, best practice and innovative solutions to client's problems. We are able to co-ordinate all aspects of contract services provision, thus enabling an overview of requirements (some of which are not always explicitly stated) whilst still at the drawing board.

Project Management

Project management is the clients communication link with the state of the project, providing information on the progress of works, performance metrics and how effectively issues or queries are being handled. The management of a project is fundamental to its success and needs to be handled methodically and in an organised manner. For large, complex or on-going projects, organisation is even more critical to success. We understand this and have invested to ensure all members of our team are provided with the tools and skills necessary to manage the project cycle with competence and professionalism to sustain the smooth running of our projects. We have experience in dealing with the multitude of disparate contributors to a construction project, effectively co-ordinating all activities required to get the job done on time, to spec and within the agreed budget. 

Site Operations Management

Comprehensive management of site operations is imperative and critical to performing well. Experienced staff are able to direct our efforts effectively to ensure we execute site tasks as expected. Our approach to managing site operations ensures regulatory compliance is met and company procedures are followed to ensure successful completion of the project.