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Launch of Centregreat PowerPort – Solar Powered EV Carport

Launch of Centregreat PowerPort – Solar Powered EV Carport

Date: 5 January 2021 | By: hayesec

We are excited to finally announce the launch of the Centregreat PowerPort, our solar powered electric vehicle (EV) carport.

Centregreat companies, Hayes Engineering and Cladding and SolarCentric Renewables, have worked in close collaboration with SOLARWATT and Swansea University’s solar-focused SPECIFIC Innovation and Knowledge Centre to develop this space-saving innovative, modular and fully scalable solution.

This structure is designed primarily for business and public-sector clients such as local authorities, hospitals and park-and-ride facilities, but is also adaptable to domestic spaces. The modular design means that the systems can be adapted and connected to suit all client needs, achieving delivery and installation with minimal civil engineering below ground, reducing cost, disruption and downtime.

Integrating SOLARWATT’s solar glass-glass photovoltaic panels into the roof structure, the Centregreat PowerPort 4-bay prototype is capable of charging four vehicles in daylight hours. Containerised high-capacity battery packs sit in the central cabinet, preventing loss of parking space for clients through removal of the requirement for large battery containments on site. These batteries will charge during low demand, increasing the load-balancing capacity of the system.

The Centregreat PowerPort turnkey solution includes in-house fabrication, coating and erection of steelwork by Hayes Engineering and Cladding, with all solar power installations undertaken by Centregreat’s solar and battery design and installation associate SolarCentric.

For more information or enquiries, please contact our team:

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