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Hayes Cladding Services Ltd was incorporated in 2002, and has since established an exceptional reputation for our quality product, competitive cost, and our order-to-delivery turnaround that sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

These standards have been attainable by attracting high-quality, driven staff with high personal standards, who have developed a very strong team ethos for delivering a premium product and performance. The Centregreat family are very happy we have been able to retain these staff, with our focus firmly on the future development of the company.

Our performance is in the design, manufacture and supply of complete steel cladding and roofing solutions ranging from cladding, gutters and flashings to Z-purlins, C-sections and Eaves Beams, to rooflights and accessories.

7–10 Day Turnaround
One of the quickest turnarounds in the industry.
‘The Total Package’
We manufacture structural and secondary steel, cold rolled sections (Z Purlins, C sections etc.), as well as profiled sheeting.
Customer Service
We pride ourselves on our customer focused approach and high level of service whether the clients’ requirements are for large scale projects or just a few sections/sheets.
Diverse Product Range
We also manufacture flashings, purlin accessories i.e. sleeves, anti-sag rods, vertical struts, cleats etc and can supply diagonal ties, foam fillers and fixings etc.
We have the capability to make bespoke sections, varying section sizes and punching to suit client requirements and/or drawings.
Our flexible production processes mean that we can produce all of our cold rolled sections and profiled sheeting in a short timeframe.
Experienced Team
The Hayes E&C Ltd team has a wealth of industry knowledge, including our sales team on hand to advise with your queries.
Quality Assurance
All work undertaken in line with our BS EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System.

What our customers have to say

For all enquiries please get in touch:
  • 02920 226088
  • sales@hayesengineering.co.uk

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