Hayes Engineering & Cladding Limited offer a wide range of profiles to suit all requirements.

Our cladding products, designed and manufactured in accordance with current standards and industry best practice, provide a high performance solution to your cladding requirements. Strength, durability and colour fastness are all attributes exhibited by our profiles, ensuring the solution we provide will exceed your expectations for years to come.

Guaranteed Performance – Our cladding sheets are manufactured using high quality steel. For this reason we guarantee the performance of our products in-line with manufacturers specification, some with up to 30 years guarantee.

Product Coding – For our range of profiles, the first number in the product code refers to the overall depth of a profile (the distance between the lowest and highest ridge in millimetres). The second number refers to the effective cover width. For example 15/1000 LP is 15mm overall depth and cover of 1000mm.

All profiles are available in a wide range of gauges (sheet thickness), colours and finishes. See the finishes and colours tabs for more information or contact us using the contact form below for more information.

Storage and Handling – All steel sheeting once delivered to site, should be stacked clear of the ground, on timber bearers with one end slightly higher allowing any water to run straight off, preventing staining.  To alleviate any pre-erection problems, metal profiled sheets should be completely covered until they are erected.

This panel is designed to be used as either a roof or wall sheet and forms the internal component of a built up system.

Available in a range of gauges, finishes and colours to suit specific applications.

This panel offers an alternative to the 1000mm cover sheet and has proven very popular in the agricultural market.

Available in a range of gauges, finishes and colours to suit specific applications.

This is the most popular profile in our range. This product is used extensively as a roof and wall panel throughout the industry.

Available in a range of gauges, finishes and colours to suit specific applications.

This panel provides the advantage of covering 1000mm, but also includes a full supporting leg to enable a sound lap detail.

Used in reverse, it also provides an attractive side wall solution.

Available in a range of gauges, finishes and colours to suit specific applications.

The product coding refers to the number of corrugations (ie. 12) and the cover width per corrugation (3″ or 76.2mm). This product can be curved to a radius suitable to a multitude of applications.

Available in a range of gauges, finishes and colours to suit specific applications.

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In addition to standard profiled roof and wall sheets, Hayes Engineering & Cladding Ltd. manufactures custom curved sheets.  Used for architecturally enhanced structures and innovative building designs, our curved sheets are manufactured to client specification.
Floair Vented Sheets

Vented sheets are incorporated into building design to promote natural circulation of air. Used particularly for agricultural applications, this sheet facilitates healthy conditions for livestock in poorly ventilated areas.

Sheeting is rolled in reverse profile and vents formed at 25mm centres with each vent being 50mm wide.

(see diagrams below)

Brake press crimping vents
Vented Ridges

An alternative method of promoting ventilation is with the use of vented ridges. These essentially are flashings into which ventilation holes have been punched.

These are manufactured within our flashing department to client specifications.

Vented ridges in various colours
Sheet Finishes

A variety of finishes are available across our range of profiled sheets, providing varying degrees of colour durability and weathering. Your specific requirements will determine which profile is most suited to your application.

Plastic Coated: Features a 200 micron plastic coating to the weather side of the sheet and a grey alkyd backing coat. Available in a wide range of colours, with a life expectancy of up to 30 years (with correct maintenance). Manufactured with a leather grain finish.

PVF2: A high performance paint coated sheet available in both flat and metallic finishes. It has outstanding colour stability and durability and is suitable to withstand high heat transmission to a maximum of 120°C continuously. It has a life expectancy of over 40 years.

Polyester Coated: A two coat primer/polyester smooth painted finish sheet that has proved to be cost effective and durable. Available in a choice of colours with a grey alkyd backing coat.

Galvanised: Bright spangled galvanised steel available in 0.5mm and 0.7mm gauges.

Coated Steel Colours

The choice of colour is very important at the design stage of the building project. Combinations of different colours enhance the buildings appearance by making it more prominent, matching a company’s corporate colours or blending in with the surroundings.

Where an enhanced appearance using coloured cladding is not desired, the use of coloured flashings can improve the overall appearance.

Some standard colours are listed below, however many more are available on request. In addition, we are able to manufacture sheets to any colour providing a suitable sample is provided.

Please note: The colour matching service is subject to minimum quantities, determined upon application. Other limitations may exist, such as colour matching cost and certain colours fading beyond acceptable limits. Contact our team for further advice.

Please note these colours should only be used as a reference; samples are available on request.

The codes listed below the colour names above relate to the BSI standard for those colours. Whilst colour names may vary with manufacturers, consistency is maintained across the industry using BSI standard colour codes.

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