Curving Products

In addition to standard profiled roof and wall sheets, Hayes Engineering & Cladding Ltd. manufactures custom curved sheets.  Used for architecturally enhanced structures and innovative building designs, our curved sheets are manufactured to client specification.
Crimped Curving

Curved eaves and ridge sheets are designed to create a seamless, curved roof line. Sheets are crimped, so when fixed in place, achieve the required roof pitch and radius. Sheets can be supplied up to a maximum of 6 metres in length.


Unless being interrupted by a concealed gutter, the same forward profile must be used for both roof and wall cladding.

When detailing a curve, the minimum radius achievable is 300mm.

Information Required

In order to manufacture curved sheets, we require the following information;

  • Dimension X*
  • Dimension Y*
  • Int. radius*
  • Pitch of roof*

*Refer to diagram below for dimensions.

Available Profiles

34/1000, 34/1000 AP, 26/900 and 15/1000 LP

Minimum internal radius


Minimum leg length



Forward profile only, except 15/1000 LP

Corrugated Curving

Allowing for architectural feature design flexibility, corrugated sheets are curved so when assembled form the required roof curve radius. Sheets lengths of up to 3.660m can be curved accommodating varied roof dimension and designs.

Corrugated curved sheets above can be used to clad a ‘Dutch barn’ shaped roof of almost limitless span and curve range. We can also manufacture tighter radius’s
for use as pig arcs, for example.

Information Required

In order to manufacture corrugated curved sheets, we require the following information;

  • A* – Length including laps and overhang
  • B* – Height rise at centre of arc
  • C* – Span
  • Position of purlins

Refer to diagram below for dimensions.

Available Profiles

12×3 corrugated


914mm (single lapped)


Galvanised, polyester coated, plastic coated

Required dimensions

1) Span, 2) height rise at the centre of arc

Curved Eaves

Used to clad the area between wall and roof, curved eaves sheets are a versatile alternative to using flashing or guttering components.

Box profile curved sheeting supplied in forward profile and manufactured up to 6 metres in length.

The angle of pitch and internal radius can be adjusted to suit individual requirements, but the following points must be noted:

  • Minimum internal radius – 300mm
  • One straight leg on finished eave must be at least 300mm long.
  • Care must be taken in designing curved eaves to ensure that when fixed, they do not foul steel work and they sit squarely onto purlins and side rails – not on curved portions.


Curved eaves must be lapped away from prevailing winds, under roof sheets and over vertical cladding (refer to fixing sequence below). Mastic sealant should be used at all laps to prevent water ingress and the sheeting should be fixed with appropriate screws to the steelwork using stitching screws in profile crests.

Information Required

In order to manufacture curved eaves sheets, we require the following information;

  • Leg lengths, top and bottom (minimum leg length 300mm on one leg)
  • Profile type
  • Internal radius (minimum 300mm)
  • Roof pitch

Fixing Sequence

To minimise the ingress of wind and water and to prevent sheet lift, we recommend the following fixing sequence for curved eaves applications. If you have any queries, please contact us.


V1-V2-C1-V3-C2-R1-V4-C3-R2-V5-C4-R3 etc.

Alt Sequence:

V1-C1-R1-V2-C2-R2-V3-C3-R3-V4-C4-R4 etc.

Available Profiles: All

Finish: Galvanised, polyester coated, plastic coated

Required Dimensions:

1) Internal radius

2) Sheet width used for cladding

For all enquiries please get in touch:
  • 02920 226088

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